The Sounds of Silence

Published September 9, 2012 by Robyn



Love (Photo credit: praram)


When I came up here a couple of weeks ago what struck me most of all was the silence. After living right on King Street in Newtown (and anyone who knows the area – I’m talking Newtown in Sydney – will understand just how busy and noisy it is), I was not used to the quiet. For the first few nights here the quiet actually felt like a physical presence, thick and heavy. Now, a couple of weeks on I’m starting to recognise the sounds within the silence. I’ve taken to laying in bed after I wake just listening – something I could not have done just a short time ago. I used to have to get up as soon as I woke, before the thoughts kicked in, otherwise it would feel like the air would get sucked out of the room and I’d start sweating and shaking. How far I’ve come in two weeks!

Now within the silence I can hear the different bird calls both near and far away, and other sounds – some recognisable, others less so, and I lay there just breathing and listening.

I feel alive again.

Love V ❤


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