I am a musician, artist and writer currently living in the Inner Western Suburbs of Sydney. Music, art and writing for me kind of feed off each other – the more I do in any of these areas, the more inspiration comes for the others.

I believe that we are living in very challenging times, and new ways need to be found to survive and thrive. Our views of what constitutes a “successful” life are changing. In the future, I believe the “successful” ones will be the ones who have been able to adapt and survive, not the ones with the most fiscal wealth. I’m very interested in exploring alternative ways of doing things, particularly set amongst the backdrop of a post apocalyptic world, and although I don’t particularly see myself as a doomsayer, our world is definitely changing – I believe faster than we can all cope with. As well as these explorations having the potential of being very useful at some point (if things do go boom), I really find it all fascinating anyway.

Y’all come back often now to see what I’m up to, what’s bouncing around in my head,and what things are currently holding my attention.





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