Husbands As Status Symbols?

Published October 2, 2012 by Robyn

Hello People,

This is just a short rant. I write it at the risk of upsetting a few people but this is really getting up my nose! Since when did what someone’s husband do as a job become a status symbol? “My husband is a blah-blah. what does yours do?” It’s a really bitchy little thing that seems to be creeping into social media.

I don’t care if your husband is a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, or Willy-Fucking-Wonka for that matter! The real issues are (should be): Is he a good man? Does he take care of you and your babies?And the biggie, Is he honest? If he is these things AND a Space Ninja well good for him. But that don’t impress me at all.

Has anyone else seen these kind of posts? And if so, what do you think about them?

Love V ❤


2 comments on “Husbands As Status Symbols?

  • I have not seen any posts like you describe but if I did, I would not click the like button and I wouldn’t comment. If a person needs to brag and they feel a need to pump themselves up superficially, well… that’s a shame. Don’t we all shine a little just by being ourselves when we exude a beautiful inner spirit and loving soul? If we have to sell ourselves and perform as town criers saying, “Look at me… look at ME!!” then I’m pretty sure there is nothing that appeals to me less. I want to know the inner soul… and what makes you tick? What makes you come alive?

    Great post for pondering!

    • I agree with you completely! Everything seems to be getting more and more superficial these days. It seems as if we as a society are losing sight of what’s real and important. I feel sad that young people today are growing up in a world that values “stuff” more than real qualities and knock themselves out trying to fit into cookie cutter shapes that are “acceptable” to their peers 😦 But I guess the wheel continues to turn and eventually things will right themselves again (I hope). Love V ❤

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