Published August 25, 2012 by Robyn


I caught a train yesterday (approximately 6 1/2 hours) up to visit my Mum on the mid north coast. It is a multipurpose visit. I wanted to spend a bit of time with my Mum, plus I want to be around when she gets some biopsy results next week. But I also realised that I am very unhealthy right now. I am not in good shape at all. Here there is clear air (I think this is why always for the first day or two I’m here I get dizzy spells – the air is a lot cleaner here and my lungs are used to sucking in dirty city air). Plus I needed to put some physical space between myself and some complicated situations in Sydney. I need clear space to think. I was digging myself a dirty little city grave. I can’t believe I have been treating myself so poorly.

So, I’m taking it easy for a couple of days. Already I have spent the morning watching pelicans wait for the fishing boats to come back, done some Op shopping (I bought a dress, a top, and an antique-looking necklace, all for $7.50! Yay me!), done a bit of harmless, friendly flirting with the man in the cafe bookshop, and caught up with my uncle (the husband of my very favourite aunty-she is no longer with us, unfortunately).

I spoke with my brother on the phone (he lives in Nth Carolina)- I don’t get to speak with him much as I only have a cell phone, so it is always nice to actually here his voice.

There are some Blue Tongue Lizards that live in the yard here. There is Louis, the three-legged big daddy one who lives under the house. Lisa who lives under the old barbecue, and various babies when it’s the season – there’s some little ‘uns there now. Plus, there seems to be a new man on the scene – a rival for Louis. Poor Louis, apparently Lisa and her new fella were canoodling up there the other day and poor old Louis was off a little ways, all on his lonesome. Louis, maybe you need to woo her. Bring her up some tasty snails or something!

I haven’t got any pix yet from up here yet. I tried to take some from the train yesterday, but the window reflection is on all of them, but I will take pix in the days to come and put them up.

Well, now I am going to put my feet up, and read a book.

Take care.

V ❤


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