Sucked In By The Mechanical Turk!

Published August 11, 2012 by Robyn
Image representing Mechanical Turk as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

A few days back after reading an article on making money online I applied to Amazon‘s Mechanical Turk. They had little jobs listed for ridiculously small amounts of money, but I was figuring every little bit helps. I have plans y’all!

When you submit your application, MT is heavy on their requests for personal information – home address, phone number. Because I believed that they were kosher – they may be, but I really have my doubts, I completed the required information. Silly me.

I waited a couple of days then received an email (I deleted it in anger, otherwise I would’ve copied and pasted it here) basically saying they regret to inform me that I am not able to do any work for them.

Um, what did they base their assessment on?

If there is such a rigorous selection process (don’t understand why. The tasks appear to be quite simple, and they certainly don’t pay well for it) why at this point did I need to supply them with my address and phone number?

Maybe Mechanical Turk is not a scam, and I am really so inept as to have been rejected by them. But…

Has anyone else had any dealings with Mechanical Turk? If so, what were your experiences?

But for now F**k you, Mechanical Turk! You’d better not start spamming me!



2 comments on “Sucked In By The Mechanical Turk!

    • Glad you’re enjoying my posts! Noone else seems to have heard of Mechanical Turk either. I did leave them some feedback (Mechanical Turk people). Not sure if they’ll reply or not but I haven’t heard yet. Thanks for reading. V ❤

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