Ouch! It’s Monday.

Published July 22, 2012 by Robyn
The first two bars of The Allman Brothers Band...

The first two bars of The Allman Brothers Band’s arrangement of “Stormy Monday” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s morning. It’s Monday. I am still here-and still here. Same shitty room. Same wafer of a mattress. Same coldness and impersonality. Same lack of space and creature comforts. Hello room.

Same bronchitis, chest infection whatever it is. I think it might not go away till I do. The dampness of afore-mentioned shitty room will take care of that. I used to go away all the time. This place is certainly not set up for lingering. But lately both finding the energy and enough spare cash has put a stop to any travel adventures.

I suppose today will not be the day when I break free- Mondays I stay close so the cleaning lady doesn’t rifle through my room. She does- not just me, everyone. She gets told to. I know this for fact. I never let her get the chance, so I pretty much barricade myself in on Mondays and wait for Tuesday.
I want and need change, but I am terrified! I am trying, I really am. And I do know that sometimes I do creep forwards, but it’s a slow old process and I keep tripping myself up. And I feel so exposed and vulnerable when I do.

“Oh Joey Ramone. It’s a funny old world! Looks like rain.”

V ❤


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