Hello Me, It’s Me- talking to myself

Published July 15, 2012 by Robyn
Indian Talking stick

Indian Talking stick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am no longer young. – So what?

I am overlooked, knocked back, misunderstood because of it. – Being fabulous has nothing to do with age. Focus on becoming fabulous.

I am broke. So fucking broke. – We are already doing something about earning extra income. We have to budget, earn and save. Then we won’t be scary broke anymore.

Getting sick this time has really knocked me around.- We know we need to take betterĀ care of ourself. We know we need to stop making sure everyone else is ok before we are. We have to stop making ourself do penance for every wrong, every failure, real and imagined. We are not that bad.

What a mess I have made with my music. – Again, we have always placed too much emphasis on what everyone else wants and expects and we lose ourselves. And then we’re thrashing about again, lost at sea-at least we haven’t drowned yet. Baby steps darlin’, baby steps.

We must start creating again- creating and discovering new things, and ourself. We do not have to live our lives for everyone else. Why did we start doing that? Have we always done that? I think so. Stop!

So, are we good?

Yep, we are good.



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