Miz V Reporting For Duty Ma’am!

Published July 12, 2012 by Robyn

I can do this. Dragged my creaky, spluttering body out of bed and put myself through my paces.

I did some exercises- it’s been quite awhile so I had to resort to a very abridged set. The exercises I do I have been doing for years. They’re a patchwork collection of exercises I’ve tried out and found useful over the years. From time to time things get chopped and changed but it’s basically the same. I’m so familiar with this I can easily do a short, medium or long exercise section. (I did a short one).

Wrote some lyrics – this came from way out of left field. You may remember me talking about my current musical disconnect so I was very surprised to find this little posy of a few lines tickling the edges of my brain this morning. That makes me happy.

Got some washing in to soak. I handwash most of my stuff and since I’ve been ill not much has been happening on the homefront and the washing has been piling up in the corner. I swear it spoke to me this morning!

Made some beaded dragonscale to use in a belly chain. I don’t know the proper name for this. It’s just french knitted thin wire which you can pull and press to flatten. Dragonscale is what it looks like to me so that’s what I call it.

Have spent a little too much time trawling the interwebby, but it’s for inpiration and ideas purposes. Getting really interested in setting up my boards on Pinterest. I’m finding it extraordinarily useful! I have cut outs and quotes all over the place in the physical world and I can never find what I’m looking for, so this is like putting together a scrapbook online. I need to do this sort of thing to stop myself from just floating away.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day making jewellery, catching up on some reading. I read A LOT, but since I’ve been ill this time I haven’t read for weeks.

I would like to say I’m gonna get in some vocal practice, but I still can’t even talk without sending myself into coughing spasms, so singing is still out for now 😦

Might even watch a movie.

Or something.

Enjoy your day



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