Tear It All Down and Start Again (again-again)

Published July 10, 2012 by Robyn

tear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hola People,

Let’s see, what’s been happening? …. ah, yes.

Missed my Etsy deadline; still sick (just can’t shake it, – spending quite a lot of time just laid out exhausted because of it); seem to be having some kind of musical disconnect; super broke; etc etc etc.

Well what can I say? A quote that has kept me going all these years (and I paraphrase) – “Fall down 1000 times, get up 1001.” Here I go again, but my legs are getting tired, and these days there seems to be less and less motivation to pick myself up although I still have plenty of reasons to.Reasons to keep going have never been the problem, the problem seems to be in the mechanics and cranking my rusty ferris wheel brain into action.

HOWEVER I am not beaten, the vultures will have to wait (again) – they won’t have me yet.

Much Love



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