Reactivate, reactivate!

Published June 7, 2012 by Robyn

Hey Guys,

I have decided to reactivate this blog. Since I got Facebook going a few weeks ago, I’m finding that a lot of things I want to say, ask about, talk about and show are getting too big to go into a “What’s on you mind?” I don’t think people expect an epic, so I figure here might be a more appropriate place for that sort of thing. It is also my intention to use it to keep track of things. I have random pieces of paper all over the place where I’ve written plans, song lyrics, melody lines, ideas etc etc etc. Then lose them. If I put some of these things here I think this will help me a bit in seeing things through and keeping things clear.So please check back, I’m planning on at least one weekly entry, but there may be more. I am looking forward to feedback and comments and creative exchanges etc etc etc. I want to see what other people do and what their creative processes are like. Talk to me! ❤


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