Another sleepless night

Published July 4, 2011 by Robyn

Awake AGAIN most of the night!  After several nights of little sleep I’m starting to feel that silly, super-sensitive “don’t look at me the wrong way or I’ll cry” feeling.  However, I did manage to sort through some of the tangled mess. Here is a bit of what I’ve(kinda) worked through:-

Music – This has always been my “raison d’etre“.  I never chose music, music chose me. But what I have chosen is to remain faithful this time – not get scared and back off.  The thoughts that accompany this are “Violetta, you just suck!” But truth is, I don’t.  I am actually very good.

Family – I am in regular contact with my two oldest daughters for which I am more grateful than you could ever imagine.  My younger daughter and son still think I’m a scary, loopy nutcase =  (yes, several peeps helped them arrive at that, steam coming out of my ears as I write this) BUT, I’ve realised, they are now old enough to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions (21 and 19 as I write this).  I am in contact also with my Mum and my sister and brother and their families, Yay! They are very patient with me as I am the worst at “keeping in touch”. And I love them all!

Love –  Walking through a minefield or playing Russian Roulette are safer passtimes than falling in love, yet we continue to strive.

Friends – Trust is the big issue, working on that.

So, these are some of the things I thought about last night waiting for sleep – please Sandman, can I make a booking for tonight?

Take care

Violetta ♥



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