Just Sayin’

Published July 2, 2011 by Robyn

This idea kept me awake last night:-  It is the idea that the multiverse shapes itself around our ideas and expectations and provides exactly what we expect. I know this, at least that has always been my experience but I always forget until the concept is shoved right under my nose again, and usually, as in this case after a prolonged “underworld” phase which tends to come around for me in winter. But enough’s enough man! I’m gonna be watching my thoughts and expectations etc etc etc. And while I could never, and would not want to bcome “all sweetness and light”, my attitude sure as hells needs an overhaul.

Violetta x

PS:- If anyone’s interested, check out Jerry Griever on YouTube – Gateways Cover. There are some female vocals on there. That’s me.


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